Efficient bookkeeping

Upload all primary documents – from receipts to contracts – at your convenience. Using ROBO platform, documents of all formats can easily be uploaded, regardless if it is a picture taken using your cellphone camera or your supplier’s e-invoice. 

RoboLabs will digitise, classify and allocate receipts to correct accounts with 100% accuracy. No more misplaced documents.


Clear communication

Use ROBO platform to directly interface with your dedicated accountant as well as leave comments and ask questions about specific documents. Follow-up on submissions, approvals and rejections of requests and orders. Be expeditiously informed by your dedicated accountant should any issues arise. Should you need help or consultation,  easily find your dedicated accountant’s contacts in help section.


Real-time reports

Don’t wait for month end - follow your company’s key performance indicators live using intuitive and easy-to-read reports. For more detailed analysis use integrated pivot tools and data export.


Convenient liability management

Easily and conveniently follow-up on your company’s and suppliers’ liability payments status. Clearly track when company pays advance expenses for its employees.


Quick invoicing

Do not waste time on entering customer or supplier data manually – ROBO will download all necessary data from requisites’ system. Prepare and send invoices to your clients directly from your mobile device.