Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is RoboLabs?

RoboLabs is an accounting and bookkeeping service provider that is based on continuous improvements and progress. While at work, we use the newest information technologies in order to reduce your working costs and efficiently maximise your company‘s financial security and control.

An in-house developed and constantly updated ROBO platform is a myth buster against traditional and ineffective accounting. Automated systems reduce chances of human error and easily adapt to your unique business needs. All data is stored in the cloud, which allows for access from any mobile or stationary device anywhere in the world. This way you can control your business processes at your convenience, more securely and freely. ROBO platform is oriented towards company managers, therefore it is an intuitive and easy-to-use system, which does not require a lot of training to start using.

Why should you trust RoboLabs to do your company‘s accounting?

By choosing RoboLabs, you not only get professional accounting and bookkeeping services, but also business management tools which allow to optimise and simplify internal company processes for a fraction of a price:

  • All primary documents – from receipts to contracts – can be uploaded in any format (including pictures) from any mobile device.
  • Electronic management of staff's documents simplifies day-to-day processes such as granting business trips or annual leaves of employees.  
  • No need to deliver paper documents to your accountant. All documents are signed electronically and securely archived in servers that meet the highest security standards. 
  • Invoicing is as simple as possible – the details of either new or current customer are filled in automatically.
  • ROBO platform has access to a list all submitted documents with processing status, links to processed documents and comments left by the accountant, if any. 
  • All documents are processed in real-time, which allows the company's manager to monitor financial results live in preliminary reports.
  • RoboLabs system is fully integrated with government institutions, banks and payment institutions and can be easily integrated via API with other systems.

With RoboLabs help, companies not only save time and money, but are also being more advanced, efficient and competitive.

How is RoboLabs different from accounting software providers (e.g. Xero or Quickbooks)?

RoboLabs offers two in one solution: an accounting software and a dedicated human accountant. Xero and Quickbooks alone cannot file your tax reports, can they?

Can ROBO platform be used without our accounting services?

RoboLabs provide full accounting and bookkeeping services. If you are a medium-sized company in need for an internal controller, contact us at to discuss how ROBO platform can be adapted to your business needs.

We invite other accounting services’ providers to become our strategic partners and to use ROBO platform while providing services to their own clients.

Is it necessary to have an internal accountant while using RoboLabs services?

No. RoboLabs accountants provide full accounting and bookkeeping services, however large companies may choose to keep internal financial controller within the company.

Are robots used to process all RoboLabs clients' accounting data?

Even though most of the repetitive tasks are processed by robots, some of the work requires attention of our professional accountants in order to: communicate with clients, check the quality of work processed by robots, tackle more complex tax and accounting matters.

Who can use RoboLabs? 

All legal form SMEs can use RoboLabs accounting services, as well as all advantages of ROBO platform.

RoboLabs services are often preferred by foreign capital companies with international divisions due to the possibility to monitor financial activities of the company from afar. ROBO platform is also available in English.

What is the price of RoboLabs services?

Please contact us at and receive a business offer adapted only to you.

Who are RoboLabs clients?

RoboLabs' clients are advanced and innovative SMEs. RoboLabs are already used by more than 300 companies, regardless of:

  • Legal status
  • Areas of business activity (service, retail, wholesale, construction, production, law firms, housing associations, catering etc.)
  • Number of employees
  • Type of working schedule
How does RoboLabs differ from other accounting services providers?

RoboLabs motto – modern accounting. We differ from other accounting service providers by our flexibility and efficiency. We offer companies to use RoboLabs system not only for tax purposes, but also as a business analysis tool to improve KPIs. The ROBO platform is available to all employees of the company, which engages higher employee engagement, as well as more efficient daily processes.

How much do RoboLabs system upgrades cost due to constant changes in tax-related legislations?

All RoboLabs system updates are free of charge for our clients.

Does RoboLabs handle neglected accounting?

RoboLabs can take over and handle neglected accounting for prospective clients.

How many company employees can use RoboLabs system?

All company employees are provided with personal login information with different rights within the system. All employees can fill in electronic requests, follow up on their advance payments, vacation balance, employment contract changes, payroll history.

Why it is better to choose accounting services provider rather than internal accountant?
  • Reduced costs
  • No need to create a working space
  • No need to purchase an accounting system
  • Business continuity – accounting services provider is never sick or on vacation, does not resign
  • The likelihood of human error is reduced
  • Quicker reaction to changes in legislations and international requirements
Are RoboLabs services insured?

RoboLabs activity is covered by accountants' civil liability insurance.

When does company's representative have to submit primary documents to RoboLabs?

All primary documents for current month must be submitted to RoboLabs accountants no later than 10th day of the following month.

How primary documents are uploaded to RoboLabs system?

All primary documents – from receipts to contracts – can be submitted at your convenience. You can take a picture and upload it via our app, via ROBO system on web or send using specially created, dedicated company’s e-mail address.

Since RoboLabs is an international company, does it allow to track company's accounting information from anywhere in the world?

Yes, all data is stored in the cloud, therefore can be accessed using any mobile or stationary device from anywhere in the world.

Does RoboLabs provide additional consultations to its clients?

Yes, RoboLabs can provide financial and legal consultations based on individual business needs. Hourly fees are set out in the agreement.

How to know, whether company's accounting system and business management modules are compatible with RoboLabs system?

RoboLabs stands out for its flexible ability to adapt to other systems used by the clients. In the integration section, you can find currently supported integrations, however in case needed, a new integration can be created for selected systems for an addition fee. We also allow the possibility to self-integrate using an API.

I want to entrust my company's accounting with RoboLabs. Where do I start?

Contact us, fill out a questionnaire about your company and receive an offer from us. If you are happy with the offer, the contract can be signed straight away electronically using e-signature.

How is the accountancy data transferred after signing the contract with RoboLabs? How much does it cost?

If you choose our accounting services, accountancy data transfer is provided by us free of charge. After signing the contract, we contact previous accountants and take care of all the formalities.

What to do if I need help with using ROBO platform?

Should you have any questions regarding accounting, you can contact a dedicated accountant via phone or e-mail. Should any system bugs appear, we kindly ask you to inform us at